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The USAT Inc. platform was designed to help protect IP and to provide a path to market for highly profitable and ethical ideas, to the benefit of all stakeholders: the inventors, token holders, and the world.

For inventors and IP holders

IP Storage
IP can be securely stored on USAT Inc.’s blockchain-enabled IP Vault. This prevents the information from being lost, stolen, hacked, destroyed, or otherwise tampered with and prevents it from being seen until it is ready to be commercialised.
Note: Remember that patenting IP does not protect it from theft! A patent only gives the option of legal recourse, assuming the patent holder can afford to pursue a court case or is even made aware of the theft. The process of getting a patent can also expose the IP to thieves, so the only real way to ensure the safety of IP is to keep it safely stored until the owner is ready to commercialise or otherwise develop the IP.

IP Protection
Only the owner of the IP has the keys to access their vault, preventing anyone else from viewing or accessing the IP. The IP owner can choose to make all or specific parts of their IP available for others to view (for example, to have their IP evaluated through the platform) and also revoke those rights, at their discretion. Additionally, a record is made on the blockchain each time any party accesses the IP, allowing IP owners to track and control how their IP is used via this timestamp and identity feature.

IP Evaluation
IP owners have the option of getting their stored IP evaluated by USAT Inc.’s team of experts and its scientific partner organisation, AIHEM. IP is assessed for its commercial and scientific merit, in order to gauge the market value of the idea and its likelihood of success. Inventors will also be able to use the rating function of their tokens to rate the evaluators on their skills and abilities, allowing for a rating to be implemented to each evaluator for reference.

IP Funding, Development, and Commercialisation
Only ethical IP that has met USAT Inc.’s high scientific and commercial standards during the evaluation process is eligible to be developed by USAT Inc. Once it has been accepted for funding and development through the USAT Inc. platform, IP is carried through every stage of development by USAT Inc.’s expert teams, all the way from funding to market exit.

As every piece of IP is unique, so too are the options for IP owners. IP owners can choose how involved they’d like to be in the development of their IP and how they’d like to benefit from their idea. For instance, owners can choose to simply sell their evaluated IP to USAT Inc. or choose to receive royalties or some other arrangement that both parties agree upon.

Sale Portal for IP
USAT Inc.’s experts have extensive connections within the business world and the platform itself acts as a sales portal, connection the technologies directly to buyers.

Ranking of Service Providers
Users of the USAT Inc. platform will have the option of rating the evaluators and other service providers, so that the platform remains fair and transparent for all users.

For inventors and IP holders

Fully Evaluated and Tested
To even be considered for development by the USAT Inc. platform, all technology must first meet stringent scientific and commercial standards, which is assessed by USAT Inc.’s expert commercial team and by USAT Inc.’s scientific partner organisation, AIHEM. This takes the risk out of the purchase: it’s already been tried and tested.

High Market Potential
The technology produced by USAT Inc. is intended to be disruptive by being: innovative, novel, commercially viable, and supported through strong partnerships and supply chains. Emerging markets are prioritised for USAT Inc. product entry (eg. the entry of solar-wind technology to the emerging renewable energy market, at a time when most of the world’s economies are closing their doors to non-renewables).

USAT Inc. only produces technology that is beneficial to humanity and the planet. This means anything purchased through the platform is actively making the world a better place.

For The World

Making the World a Better Place Through Innovation
The ethical technologies we commercialise are benefitting not just the inventors and our stakeholders, but the world. Every technology that passes through our platform is carefully vetted to ensure it will successfully have a positive impact.

Education and opportunities
Through our platform and connections, we inspire and create opportunities for young people, to help the next generation of innovators reach their dreams and tackle the challenges of the future.

Help Where it’s Needed
As part of our humanitarian efforts, we make sure our technology reaches the people who need it the most. In the future, USAT will have a humanitarian branch that will oversee and expand these efforts and other programs, such as education funds, which will be accommodated by a portion of the profits made from the sale of our technology.

The role of cryptocurrency on the USAT Inc. platform

There are two different cryptocurrencies in use on the USAT Inc. platform:

USAT Tokens
volatile utility tokens that grant access to services on the the USAT Inc. platform and also serve as the currency of the platform, allowing individuals and organisations to purchase the technology USAT Inc. produces.

DMACs (Digitally Mined Asset/Commodity)
DMACs are a stable and function similarly to a bond. They have a contractual term and a fixed yield. They will hold their guaranteed face value at the end of term (105%) and will mine during term, increasing their value. DMACs are provided as an option for people wishing to partner with USAT Inc. to fund specific projects. The technology used on the USAT Inc. platform was chosen to make the system robust and flexible, giving participants choice in how they interact, whilst also protecting their interests and the value of the platform.

Benefits of blockchain
Blockchain technology was chosen as the method of protecting the IP USAT Inc. holds because of its extremely high security and transparency. It cannot be hacked, destroyed, or edited. To learn more about how blockchain technology works, visit this site. For anyone not feeling up to getting too heavily into the tech side of things, in summary blockchain is:
  • Immutable
  • Indelilble
  • Distributed
  • Decentralised
  • Transparent
  • Global
  • Reliable
  • Ultra secure
This means that any IP stored in USAT Inc.’s secure blockchain-enabled IP Vault is completely under the control of only the IP owner and no one else: the IP cannot be accessed, transferred, or seen by anyone but the owner of the IP, unless the owner chooses to grant access.

Strengths of the platform:
The USAT Inc. platform is designed to be robust, fast moving, and highly adaptable so that it can capitalise on and create the opportunities it needs to deliver its services to the highest standard.

Our core strengths are:
Access to a constant source of high-quality new inventions. Anyone can submit their ideas to the platform for development, but the bulk of our IP comes from our scientific partner, AIHEM, which is an international association of esteemed scientists and scientific institutions.

The best human capital.
Aside from AIHEM’s impressive scientific community, USAT Inc. is supported by experts in the tops of their fields across every sector we’re active in, allowing USAT Inc. to always make the most informed choices and connect with the right people to ensure the success of each project.

Highly innovative
USAT Inc. lives and breathes innovation and this means we don’t just adapt to changing business environments, but are proactive in creating our own opportunities and setting new standards for service.

No toxic corporate structure.
USAT Inc. has a unique corporate structure: by choosing to secure our initial funding through an ICO, we have no shareholders. This means our bottom line is producing value for all our stakeholders, not maximising shareholder wealth. This means that we can stay true to our values and our long-term vision. Read more about USAT Inc.’s corporate structure here.
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