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The ICO (Completed)

USAT Inc. has a guaranteed product pipeline which generates revenue. As USAT Inc. is a non-profit organisation, legally all revenue generated can only be used to reinvest into the organisation. Funds raised during the ICO will be used for the funding, development and commercial implementation of the USAT platform’s projects and to drive demand for the tokens.

Token Name: USAT

ERC20 Token
The USAT Token is a utility token that grants access to USAT Inc.’s platform, services, and is also the currency of the platform, including for the purchase of technologies developed by USAT Inc.

  • Phase One Start / End Date
    15 June 2018 - 20 October 2018
  • Phase One Token Price
    $0.105 USD / 0.0002424942263 ETH
  • Phase Two Start / End Date
    20 October 2018 - 20 December 2018
  • Phase Two Token Price
    $0.21 USD / 0.0004849884527 ETH

  • Secondary Market Entry Date 31 December 2018
  • Secondary Market Entry Price $0.35 USD / 0.0008083140878 ETH
  • Market Cap if Hard Cap is Reached 533 000 000 Tokens Approx.
  • Total Tokens Minted 1,525,000,000
  • KYC Yes

The business model of USAT Inc. differs significantly from that of other ICOs. The core operation of USAT Inc. revolves around the introduction of disruptive technologies in emerging markets. Because of this, our organisation can deliver on long-term objectives that will drive value and demand for the USAT token. We have a constant stream of highly sought after technologies entering the USAT platform and perpetually generating revenue as they are developed and sold, which insulates the value of the USAT Token against the usual speculative fluctuations that plague other ICOs.

Our ICO has been strategically structured to fully utilise all contributed funds to accelerate our growth and expand the positive impact of our organisation. We care about the longevity of our platform and the interests of our token holders, so we have made long term plans to ensure the USAT Inc. platform and tokens generate value long into the future, so that we can continue to fund and develop world changing technologies.

Here are the three core mechanisms that generate demand and increase the value of the USAT token on the secondary market:

  1. 1. Purchases of the technology developed by USAT Inc. must be partially made in USAT tokens acquired from the secondary market. 15%
  2. 2. Access to the platform and its services requires USAT tokens.
  3. 3. Scheduled buy-back events will be held using some of the profits made from technology sales.
Because of these three mechanisms, the tokens have their own demand-driven economy which can exist in their own internal exchange, as their value is completely independent from the speculative ecosystem. Even if the rest of the crypto market completely collapses, the value of USAT Tokens will be unaffected.

For a detailed look at each of these, read our article on token value

By embracing the emergence of blockchain technology, USAT Inc. utilises the benefits of a transparent accounting system, through which inventors and users of our platform can securely interact and create value for one another.

In addition to this, our corporate structure does not allow for equity-style investing, which eliminates all unwanted investor influence over USAT Inc.’s business model. By escaping the short term profit and exit-driven culture of traditional venture capital investment, USAT Inc. is able to work towards the achievement of long term objectives and organisational goals that will strengthen the platform, whilst upholding the corporate values and security of the USAT Inc. ecosystem.

All stakeholders of USAT Inc. can rest assured that their interests are prioritised by the very structure of USAT Inc: guaranteed by a secure and decentralised system. Our bottom line is value generation, not taking care of a select group of shareholders.

The ICO fundraising system provides contributors with a smart-contract backed fund distribution system that guarantees that the funds raised are distributed in accordance with the budget outlined in the whitepaper.

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Token Distribution

The soft cap has been reached!

The funds will be used to fast track the deployment of the blockchain and other infrastructure required to provide our IP protection services. Funds will be allocated for marketing and PR to boost our current campaigns and extend our reach. Lastly, the funds will be used to construct a facility to continue to improve and refine the solar-wind technology, as well as test new designs. All future IP development and builds will be funded from the profits generated from technology sales.

See the full list of the platform services here.
See our current projects here.

Distribution of Funds - Phase One

Internal Operations 35.27%

Platform Development 26.50%%

Marketing 25.00%

USAT owned solar wind testing facility 6.23%

Operations and Legal 7.00%

Distribution of Funds - Phase Two

Internal Operations 30.26%

Operational Captial 28.67%

IP Purchasing Power 29%

Development 4.4%

Marketing 7.67%

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