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Founded in 2017, the United Scientists Association of Technology Inc. is an Australian organisation that uses blockchain-enabled technology to store, fund, develop, and commercialise intellectual property. We support innovative and ethical projects with high market potential, guiding projects through the entire development process to ensure they successfully enter and exit the market.

The USAT Inc. platform was created by members of the esteemed scientific association AIHEM as a response to the difficulties faced by innovators and inventors in getting their ideas off the ground. From the arduous process of patenting an idea, to the fight for funding, to the daunting task of production and commercialisation, it’s no wonder that many incredible inventions never make it past the idea stage.

We’re here to change that. Through the USAT Inc. platform, intellectual property is protected and ethical technologies with high market potential are given a clear path to market.

Our Mission

To establish a secure, decentralised network for the development and commercialisation of technologies that will benefit humanity and the planet.

Our Values


We are honest, ethical, and keep our promises


We live on the cutting edge. We strive to be constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in science and technology


We support decentralisation for its capacity to keep things fair, secure, and transparent. We believe in delivering a decentralised system that will provide both security and transparency to all participants.


We are supported by scientists and support them in turn. We value education, research, the joy of discovery, and the empowerment learning brings


We exist to share what we create with the world. Many great minds entrust us with their ideas so that their inventions will be used to make a positive impact on the planet and that’s exactly what we make happen

Corporate structure

One of main reasons we chose to run an ICO was for the independence from shareholders and traditional investors it gives us. In a traditional corporate structure, the CEO is held hostage to the self-interest of the shareholders, with a CEO’s only priority to drive up short-term shareholder value or face being replaced. This often results in choices made for short term profit, sacrificing long term gain and goals, as well as, sometimes, conscience.

This phenomenon is commonly known as toxic corporate structure. By having no shareholders, USAT Inc. is able direct its priorities towards maximising value for all stakeholders, instead of just the shareholders. This allows us to choose projects based on long term merit and positive impact, instead of the short term benefit of a select few. We’re free to stay true to our values and mission.

In the words of our CEO, we can “dictate our own destiny”.

Because of our commitment to selecting ethical technologies to develop, every technology commercialised through the USAT Inc. platform is actively helping to make the world a better place.

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